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  1. Towards a processual microbial ontology.Eric Bapteste & John Dupre - 2013 - Biology and Philosophy 28 (2):379-404.
    Standard microbial evolutionary ontology is organized according to a nested hierarchy of entities at various levels of biological organization. It typically detects and defines these entities in relation to the most stable aspects of evolutionary processes, by identifying lineages evolving by a process of vertical inheritance from an ancestral entity. However, recent advances in microbiology indicate that such an ontology has important limitations. The various dynamics detected within microbiological systems reveal that a focus on the most stable entities (or features (...)
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    On the need for integrative phylogenomics, and some steps toward its creation.Eric Bapteste & Richard M. Burian - 2010 - Biology and Philosophy 25 (4):711-736.
    Recently improved understanding of evolutionary processes suggests that tree-based phylogenetic analyses of evolutionary change cannot adequately explain the divergent evolutionary histories of a great many genes and gene complexes. In particular, genetic diversity in the genomes of prokaryotes, phages, and plasmids cannot be fit into classic tree-like models of evolution. These findings entail the need for fundamental reform of our understanding of molecular evolution and the need to devise alternative apparatus for integrated analysis of these genomes. We advocate the development (...)
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    Modeling the evolution of interconnected processes: It is the song and the singers.Eric Bapteste & François Papale - 2021 - Bioessays 43 (1):2000077.
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    Revisiting the concept of lineage in prokaryotes: a phylogenetic perspective.Yan Boucher & Eric Bapteste - 2009 - Bioessays 31 (5):526-536.
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    Philosophy and Evolution: Minding the Gap Between Evolutionary Patterns and Tree-Like Patterns.Eric Bapteste, Frederic Bouchard & Richard M. Burian - 2012 - In M. Anisimova (ed.), Evolutionary Genomics. Methods in Molecular Biology.
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    The Epistemic Revolution Induced by Microbiome Studies: An Interdisciplinary View.Eric Bapteste, Philippe Gerard, Catherine Larose, Manuel Blouin, Fabrice Not, Liliane Campos, Géraldine Aïdan, M. André Selosse, M. Sarah Adénis, Frédéric Bouchard, Sébastien Dutreuil, Eduardo Corel, Chloé Vigliotti, Philippe Huneman, F. Joseph Lapointe & Philippe Lopez - 2021 - Biology 10.
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