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    Economic Reasoning and Interaction in Socially Extended Market Institutions.Shaun Gallagher, Antonio Mastrogiorgio & Enrico Petracca - 2019 - Frontiers in Psychology 10.
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    Numerals as Triggers of System 1 and System 2 in the ‘Bat and Ball’ Problem.Antonio Mastrogiorgio & Enrico Petracca - 2014 - Mind and Society 13 (1):135-148.
    The ‘bat and ball’ is one of the problems most frequently employed as a testbed for research on the dual-system hypothesis of reasoning. Frederick is the first to envisage the possibility that different numerical arrangements of the ‘bat and ball’ problem could lead to different dynamics of activation of the dual-system, and so to different performances of subjects in task accomplishment. This possibility has triggered a strand of research oriented to accomplish ‘sensitivity analyses’ of the ‘bat and ball’ problem. The (...)
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    A Cognition Paradigm Clash: Simon, Situated Cognition and the Interpretation of Bounded Rationality.Enrico Petracca - 2017 - Journal of Economic Methodology 24 (1):20-40.
    Simon’s notion of bounded rationality is deeply intertwined with his activity as a cognitive psychologist and founder of so-called cognitivism, a mainstream approach in cognitive psychology until the 1980s. Cognitivism, understood as ‘symbolic information processing,’ provided the first cognitive psychology foundation to bounded rationality. Has bounded rationality since then fully followed the development of cognitive psychology beyond symbolic information processing in the post-Simonian era? To answer this question, this paper focuses on Simon’s opposition during the 1990s to a new view (...)
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    Neuroeconomics Beyond the Brain: Some Externalist Notions of Choice.Enrico Petracca - 2020 - Journal of Economic Methodology 27 (4):275-291.
    Neuroeconomics is rather uncontroversially intended as a brain-centric research enterprise. This paper challenges the brain-centric approach to neuroeconomics – which can be traced back to a more g...
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    Rationality: What It is, Why It Seems Scarce, Why It Matters.Enrico Petracca - forthcoming - Journal of Economic Methodology:1-5.
    Periodically, by a rough estimate twice per decade, a new popular book aspires to shake our common understanding of rationality. Since this concept is not only the backbone of normative analysis in...
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    Simulating Marx: Herbert A. Simon's Cognitivist Approach to Dialectical Materialism.Enrico Petracca - 2022 - History of the Human Sciences 35 (2):101-125.
    Starting in the 1950s, computer programs for simulating cognitive processes and intelligent behaviour were the hallmark of Good Old-Fashioned Artificial Intelligence and ‘cognitivist’ cognitive science. This article examines a somewhat neglected case of simulation pursued by one of the founding fathers of simulation methodology, Herbert A. Simon. In the 1970s and 1980s, Simon had repeated contacts with Marxist countries and scientists, in the context of which he advanced the idea that cognitivism could be used as a framework for simulating dialectical (...)
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    Satisficing as an Alternative to Optimality and Suboptimality in Perceptual Decision Making.Antonio Mastrogiorgio & Enrico Petracca - 2018 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 41.
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