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    The Typical Tools for the Job: Research Strategies in Institutional Analysis.Marc Schneiberg & Elisabeth S. Clemens - 2006 - Sociological Theory 24 (3):195-227.
    Institutional theory rests on a rejection of reductionism. Instead of reducing higher-order phenomena to aggregates of behavior, institutional theory reverses this causal imagery. It attributes the behavior of organizations and nation-states to contextual factors, notably organizational fields, national institutional systems, or the emerging global polity, Institutionalists, particularly within sociology, also emphasize specifically cultural mechanisms for these higher-order effects. This article develops the methodological foundations for these claims. It surveys and elaborates research designs for documenting higher-order effects and for differentiating the (...)
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    Toward a Historicized Sociology: Theorizing Events, Processes, and Emergence.Elisabeth S. Clemens - manuscript
    Since the 1970s, historical sociology in the United States has been constituted by a configuration of substantive questions, a theoretical vocabulary anchored in concepts of economic interest and rationalization, and a methodological commitment to comparison. More recently, this configuration has been destabilized along each dimension: the increasing autonomy of comparative-historical methods from specific historical puzzles, the shift from the analysis of covariation to theories of historical process, and new substantive questions through which new kinds of arguments have been elaborated. Although (...)
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    From City Club to Nation State: Business Networks in American Political Development. [REVIEW]Elisabeth S. Clemens - 2010 - Theory and Society 39 (3-4):377-396.
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    Book Review:Culture and Domination. John Brenkman; Material Culture and Mass Consumption. Daniel Miller. [REVIEW]Elisabeth S. Clemens - 1989 - Ethics 99 (3):658-.