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    Cognitive contributions of the ventral parietal cortex: an integrative theoretical account.Roberto Cabeza, Elisa Ciaramelli & Morris Moscovitch - 2012 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 16 (6):338-352.
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    Individualized Theory of Mind : When Memory Modulates Empathy.Elisa Ciaramelli, Francesco Bernardi & Morris Moscovitch - 2013 - Frontiers in Psychology 4.
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    Prisms to travel in time: Investigation of time-space association through prismatic adaptation effect on mental time travel.Filomena Anelli, Elisa Ciaramelli, Shahar Arzy & Francesca Frassinetti - 2016 - Cognition 156 (C):1-5.
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    Ventromedial Prefrontal Cortex and the Future of Morality.Elisa Ciaramelli & Giuseppe di Pellegrino - 2011 - Emotion Review 3 (3):308-309.
    The ventromedial prefrontal cortex (VMPFC) is crucial for moral behavior, yet the mechanism through which the VMPFC promotes moral behavior remains unclear. In this article, we emphasize that moral choice is often intertemporal, requiring foregoing short-term gains in favor of future outcomes of larger value. We propose that the VMPFC may be necessary for mental time travel (MTT), a cognitive process enabling vivid preexperiencing of future outcomes. By providing anticipated outcomes that inform decisions, MTT may promote farsighted, moral behaviors.
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    Intentionality attribution and emotion: The Knobe Effect in alexithymia.Micaela Maria Zucchelli, Francesca Starita, Caterina Bertini, Fiorella Giusberti & Elisa Ciaramelli - 2019 - Cognition 191:103978.
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    Déjà vu: A botched memory operation, illegitimate to start with.Debora Stendardi, Anindita Basu, Alessandro Treves & Elisa Ciaramelli - 2023 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 46:e378.
    Rather than a natural product, a computational analysis leads us to characterize déjà vu as a failure of memory retrieval, linked to the activation in neocortex of familiar items from a compositional memory in the absence of hippocampal input, and to a misappropriation by the self of what is of others.
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    Response to Nelson et al.: ventral parietal subdivisions are not incompatible with an overarching function.Roberto Cabeza, Elisa Ciaramelli & Morris Moscovitch - 2012 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 16 (8):400-401.