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  1. Ramseyfication and Structural Realism.Elie G. Zahar - 2004 - Theoria 19 (1):5-30.
    Structural Realism (SSR), as embodied in the Ramsey-sentence H* of a theory H, is defended against the view that H* reduces to a trivial statement about the cardinality of the domain of H, a view which arises from ignoring the central role of observation within science. Putnam’s theses are examined and shown to support rather than undermine SSR. Finally: in view of its synthetic character, applied mathematics must enter into the formulation of H* and hence be shown to be finitely (...)
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    Ramseyfication and Structural Realism.Elie G. Zahar - 2010 - Theoria 19 (1):5-30.
    The Ramsey-sentence H* of any hypothesis H is shown to be a synthetic proposition containing mathematics as a finite component. Far from being quasi-tautological, H* proves to have as much physical content as H itself.
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    Les fondements de la géométrie selon Poincaré.Elie G. Zahar - 1998 - Philosophia Scientiae 3 (3):63-105.
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    The Interdependence of the Core, the Heuristic and the Novelty of Facts in Lakatos's MSRP.Elie G. Zahar - 2001 - Theoria 16 (3):415-435.
    In this paper I try to explain why Lakatos’s (and Popper’s) conventionalist view must be replaced by a phenomenological conception of the empirical basis; for only in this way can one make sense of the theses that the hard core of an RP (Research Programme) can be shielded against refutations; that this metaphysical hard core can be turned into a set of guidelines or, alternatively, into a set of heuristic metaprinciples governing the development of an RP; and that a distinction (...)
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    Fallibilism According to Hans Albert.Elie G. Zahar - 2019 - In Giuseppe Franco (ed.), Begegnungen Mit Hans Albert: Eine Hommage. Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden. pp. 369-373.
    No philosopher has argued as forcefully and as convincingly for the fallibility of human knowledge as Hans Albert has done in his classic Traktat über kritische Vernunft. He exposed all those who, through a process of immunization, make some chosen aspects of their knowledge impervious to all criticism.
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