1.  30
    Personal Values’ Influence on the Ethical Dimension of Decision Making.David J. Fritzsche & Effy Oz - 2007 - Journal of Business Ethics 75 (4):335-343.
    Personal values have long been associated with individual decision behavior. The role played by personal values in decision making within an organization is less clear. Past research has found that managers tend to respond to ethical dilemmas situationally. This study examines the relationship between personal values and the ethical dimension of decision making using Partial Least Squares (PLS) analysis. The study examines personal values as they relate to five types of ethical dilemmas. We found a significant positive contribution of altruistic (...)
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  2.  71
    Ownership, Privacy and Monitoring in the Workplace: A Debate on Technology and Ethics.Karen D. Loch, Sue Conger & Effy Oz - 1998 - Journal of Business Ethics 17 (6):653-663.
    A panel held at the International Conference on Information Systems, December 5–7, 1993, addressed the importance and ethicality of several issues relating to ethics and information technology use. The substance of the debate and results of audience votes on the issues are presented in this paper as a means of initiating a broader debate on the issues, for it is with debate that we reach a group consensus on acceptable behavior and practice. With consensus, we can begin to develop codes (...)
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  3.  73
    Organizational commitment and ethical behavior: An empirical study of information system professionals. [REVIEW]Effy Oz - 2001 - Journal of Business Ethics 34 (2):137 - 142.
    IS professionals have been reported to have one of the highest turnover rates. They have also often been accused of unethical conduct, specifically, pirating software, hacking, giving professional opinion that exceeds their knowledge, and not protecting people''s privacy. In a sample of 71 IS professionals and 250 members of other professions we found that IS professionals were more committed to their organizations than the other professionals, and that IS professionals were, indeed, less ethical with respect to software piracy and hacking. (...)
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    Ethical standards for computer professionals: A comparative analysis of four major codes. [REVIEW]Effy Oz - 1993 - Journal of Business Ethics 12 (9):709 - 726.
    Professions have adopted ethical codes and codes of conduct. Physicians, lawyers, engineers, and other professionals have moral responsibilities. They know to whom they are responsible. Professionals in the data processing field, too, need to know that they have moral responsibilities and to whom they are responsible. This paper compares and evaluates the ethical codes of four major organizations of computer professionals in America. The analysis is done along the following obligations that every professional has: to society, to the employer, to (...)
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