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Edward N. Martin
Liberty University
  1.  16
    On the Intrinsic Value of Everything. [REVIEW]Edward N. Martin - 2018 - International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 84:251-261.
  2.  51
    Daniel Howard-Snyder (Ed.), The Evidential Argument From Evil.Edward N. Martin - 1997 - International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 42 (2):119-121.
  3.  8
    Carl F. H. Henry on the Problem of (Good and) Evil.Edward N. Martin - 2019 - Perichoresis 17 (3):3-24.
    Carl Henry devotes a few chapters directly in volume 6 of his God, Revelation, and Authority [GRA] to the problem of evil [POE]. The author examines Henry’s contribution as a theologian, noting that GRA is a work of theology, not philosophy proper. However, Henry had a PhD in Philosophy, and one finds present several presuppositions and control beliefs that are philosophically motivated. Observation of the text reveals several of these. Chief here is Henry’s working assumption that to understand and explain (...)
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