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Edgar Dahl
Universität Giessen
  1. Sex Selection and Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis: A Response to the Ethics Committee of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.Edgar Dahl & Julian Savulescu - 2000 - Human Reproduction 15 (9):1879-1880.
    In its recent statement 'Sex Selection and Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis', the Ethics Committee of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine concluded that preimplantation genetic diagnosis for sex selection for non-medical reasons should be discouraged because it poses a risk of unwarranted gender bias, social harm, and results in the diversion of medical resources from genuine medical need. We critically examine the arguments presented against sex selection using preimplantation genetic diagnosis. We argue that sex selection should be available, at least within (...)
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    Sex Selection: Laissez Faire or Family Balancing?Edgar Dahl - 2005 - Health Care Analysis 13 (1):87-90.
    In a recent comment on the HFEA’s public consultation on sex selection, Soren Holm claimed that proponents of family balancing are committed to embrace a laissez faire approach. Given that arguments in support of sex selection for family balancing also support sex selection for other social reasons, advocates of family balancing, he asserts, are simply inconsistent when calling for a limit on access to sex selection. In this paper, I argue that proponents of family balancing are in no way inconsistent. (...)
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  3. The Case for Physician Assisted Suicide: How Can It Possibly Be Proven?Edgar Dahl & Neil Levy - 2006 - Journal of Medical Ethics 32 (6):335-338.
    In her paper, The case for physician assisted suicide: not proven, Bonnie Steinbock argues that the experience with Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act fails to demonstrate that the benefits of legalising physician assisted suicide outweigh its risks. Given that her verdict is based on a small number of highly controversial cases that will most likely occur under any regime of legally implemented safeguards, she renders it virtually impossible to prove the case for physician assisted suicide. In this brief paper, we (...)
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  4. Die Kunst, glücklich zu sein. Arthur Schopenhauer im Lichte der empirischen Glücksforschung.Edgar Dahl - 2008 - Schopenhauer Jahrbuch 89:77-89.
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  5. Giving Death a Helping Hand: Physician-Assisted Suicide, Terminal Sedation and Public Policy.Edgar Dahl & Dieter Birnbacher (eds.) - 2008 - Springer.
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    Pax Genes and Organogenesis.Edgar Dahl, Haruhiko Koseki & Rudi Balling - 1997 - Bioessays 19 (9):755-765.
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