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    The Commodity Form and Socialization in Locke’s State of Nature.E. Paul Colella - 1984 - International Studies in Philosophy 16 (3):1-13.
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    “I suppose I ought to say something about the war”: William James, Pragmatism and the War with Spain, 1898.E. Paul Colella - 2020 - Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society 56 (1):81-104.
    “…in every genuine metaphysical debate some practical issue, however conjectural and remote, is involved”By all accounts, William James was having an astonishing year in 1898. Robert D. Richardson describes him as “a man of unlimited energy” teaching a full load amid his crowded schedule of public lecturing. His writing was in full force; the Will to Believe had just appeared in print, and his Talks to Teachers series which was drawing appreciative audiences wherever he gave them were in preparation for (...)
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    Reification and the fabric of Felicity: A reflection on Bentham and the limits of reform.E. Paul Colella - 1988 - Journal of Social Philosophy 19 (2):13-29.
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    Reflex action and the pragmatism of Giovanni papini.E. Paul Colella - 2005 - Journal of Speculative Philosophy 19 (3):187-215.
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    Philosophy in the Piazza: Giovanni Papini's Pragmatism and Italian Politics.E. Paul Colella - 1997 - Journal of Speculative Philosophy 11 (2):125 - 142.
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