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    A semantical Analysis of the Calculi C n.Newton C. A. Da Costa & E. H. Alves - 1977 - Notre Dame Journal Fo Formal Logic 18 (4):621-630.
  2.  94
    Extending Montague's system: A three valued intensional logic.E. H. Alves & J. A. D. Guerzoni - 1990 - Studia Logica 49 (1):127 - 132.
    In this note we present a three-valued intensional logic, which is an extension of both Montague's intensional logic and ukasiewicz three-valued logic. Our system is obtained by adapting Gallin's version of intensional logic (see Gallin, D., Intensional and Higher-order Modal Logic). Here we give only the necessary modifications to the latter. An acquaintance with Gallin's work is pressuposed.
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  3. On the equivalence between some systems of non-classical logic.E. H. Alves & A. M. Sette - 1996 - Bulletin of the Section of Logic 25:68-72.
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