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Dustin Peone
Emory University
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    Shame, Fame, and the Technological Mentality.Dustin Peone - 2021 - Lexington Books.
    In this book, Dustin Peone analyzes the role of shame and fame in the contemporary world, showing that these ideas have lost their roots in social virtue. He then criticizes the technological mentality, demonstrating its responsibility for changing the human condition.
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    Ernst Cassirer's Essential Critique of Heidegger and Verfallenheit.Dustin Peone - 2012 - Idealistic Studies 42 (2-3):119-130.
    In the past decade and a half, there has been a renewed interest in the philosophical disagreements between Martin Heidegger and Ernst Cassirer. Entirely overlooked is the fourth volume of Cassirer’s Philosophy of Symbolic Forms, unpublished in the author’s lifetime, in which he asserts that Heidegger’s concept of Verfallenheit is the essential point at which their philosophies diverge. This paper re-examines the disagreements between Heidegger and Cassirer, in light of this crucial text. Two questions are considered: What is Cassirer’s criticism (...)
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