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    Conservative Democratic Thought and the War on Terror.Dustin Ells Howes - 2010 - Human Rights Review 11 (1):135-149.
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    Creating Necessity: Well-Used Violence in the Thought of Machiavelli.Dustin Ells Howes - 2012 - Symploke 20 (1-2):183-207.
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    Terror in and out of power.Dustin Ells Howes - 2012 - European Journal of Political Theory 11 (1):25-58.
    This article explores the relationship between terror, power and the rule of law. First, tracing Burke’s use of the term terror back to ancient Greek usage, I argue that being terrified is incommensurable with the experience of acting together with others. In this way, terror and power are distinct. However, most acts of terror aim to terrify some people while inoculating others from terror. Witnesses to the terror of others may feel empowered by the destruction of the power of others. (...)
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