1.  66
    Illusions and Hallucinations.Drakoulis Nikolinakos - 2011 - Philosophical Inquiry 35 (3-4):91-105.
  2.  11
    On the somaesthetic project: Richard Shusterman: Thinking through the body: Essays in somaesthetics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2012, 380pp, £18.99 PB.Drakoulis Nikolinakos - 2013 - Metascience 23 (2):305-309.
    Thinking Through the Body: Essays in Somaesthetics (TTB) is a collection of essays developing further the project of somaesthetics that the author has defended in other writings. Most of the essays have been published elsewhere and revised for this presentation. There are two objectives pursued throughout the essays. One is that of delineating the nature of somaesthetics so that its scope becomes clearer, and the other is that of defending the discipline against its critics.What is somaesthetics? Somaesthetics is offered as (...)
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