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Douglas A. Vakoch [6]Douglas Allen Vakoch [1]
  1.  84
    Speech perception and vocal expression of emotion.Lee H. Wurm, Douglas A. Vakoch, Maureen R. Strasser, Robert Calin-Jageman & Shannon E. Ross - 2001 - Cognition and Emotion 15 (6):831-852.
  2.  38
    The Adaptive Value of Lexical Connotation in Speech Perception.Lee H. Wurm & Douglas A. Vakoch - 2000 - Cognition and Emotion 14 (2):177-191.
  3. Emotional Connotation in Speech Perception: Semantic Associations in the General Lexicon.Douglas A. Vakoch & Lee H. Wurm - 1997 - Cognition and Emotion 11 (4):337-349.
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    Extraterrestrial altruism: evolution and ethics in the cosmos.Douglas A. Vakoch (ed.) - 2014 - New York: Springer.
    Extraterrestrial Altruism examines a basic assumption of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI): that extraterrestrials will be transmitting messages to us for our benefit. This question of whether extraterrestrials will be altruistic has become increasingly important in recent years as SETI scientists have begun contemplating transmissions from Earth to make contact. Technological civilizations that transmit signals for the benefit of others, but with no immediate gain for themselves, certainly seem to be altruistic. But does this make biological sense? Should we (...)
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