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    Toward a General Theory of Strategic Action Fields.Neil Fligstein & Doug McAdam - 2011 - Sociological Theory 29 (1):1 - 26.
    In recent years there has been an outpouring of work at the intersection of social movement studies and organizational theory. While we are generally in sympathy with this work, we think it implies a far more radical rethinking of structure and agency in modern society than has been realized to date. In this article, we offer a brief sketch of a general theory of strategic action fields (SAFs). We begin with a discussion of the main elements of the theory, describe (...)
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    Putting Social Movements in Their Place: Explaining Opposition to Energy Projects in the United States, 2000–2005.Doug McAdam & Hilary Boudet - 2012 - Cambridge University Press.
    The field of social movement studies has expanded dramatically over the past three decades. But as it has done so, its focus has become increasingly narrow and 'movement-centric'. When combined with the tendency to select successful struggles for study, the conceptual and methodological conventions of the field conduce to a decidedly Ptolemaic view of social movements: one that exaggerates the frequency and causal significance of movements as a form of politics. This book reports the results of a comparative study, not (...)
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    Waves of Protest: Social Movements Since the Sixties.David G. Bromley, Diana Gay Cutchin, Luther P. Gerlach, John C. Green, Abigail Halcli, Eric L. Hirsch, James M. Jasper, J. Craig Jenkins, Roberta Ann Johnson, Doug McAdam, David S. Meyer, Frederick D. Miller, Suzanne Staggenborg, Emily Stoper, Verta Taylor & Nancy E. Whittier (eds.) - 1999 - Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.
    This book updates and adds to the classic Social Movements of the Sixties and Seventies, showing how social movement theory has grown and changed.
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