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    Ethical Holism and Individuals.Don E. Marietta Jr - 1988 - Environmental Ethics 10 (3):251-258.
    Environmental holism has been accused of being totalitarian because it subsumes the interests and rights of individuals under the good of the whole biosphere, thus rejecting humanistic ethics. Whether this is true depends on the type of holism in question. Only an extreme form of holism leads to this totalitarian approach, and that type of holism should be rejected, not alone because it leads to unacceptable practices, but because it is too abstract and reductionistic to be an adequate basis for (...)
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  2. World Views and Moral Decisions: A Reply to Tom Regan.Don E. Marietta Jr - 1980 - Environmental Ethics 2 (4):369-371.
    Tom Regan criticizes my thesis that obligation toward the environment is grounded in a world view and thereby has a moral overridingness which mere interests and desires do not have. He holds that my approach is too subjectivistic. I counter, first, by explaining that phenomenology, which I use in my analysis of moral obligation, is not subjectivistic in the way emotivism or prescriptivism inethics is subjectivistic. Second, I argue that world views are products of learning and experience of one shared (...)
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    Environmental Philosophy and Environmental Activism.Don E. Marietta, Lester Embree & Lester E. Embree (eds.) - 1995 - Rowman & Littlefield.
    This collection of new essays by eleven distinguished environmental philosophers addresses two main questions: first, whether environmental philosophy and ethics should be seen as a form of applied philosophy or as something else, perhaps best called practical philosophy; and second, how environmental philosophy is practiced in human life, especially in the lives of academics.
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  4. People, Penguins, and Plastic Trees. [REVIEW]Don E. Marietta Jr - 1987 - Environmental Ethics 9 (4):373-375.
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