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Dominic Lash
University of Bristol
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    Rupture, Suture, Nietzsche: Impossible Intersubjectivity in Alien.Dominic Lash - 2021 - Film-Philosophy 25 (3):229-250.
    The concept of suture has long been an important and controversial concept in investigations of the relationships between narrative, diegesis, character, and spectator. The dominant understanding of suture has paid more attention to its Lacanian derivation – and to the account given by Daniel Dayan – than to the work of Jean-Pierre Oudart which first introduced suture into Film Studies. This article, however, follows the recent work of George Butte, who argues that the way Oudart understands suture is very illuminating (...)
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    (Re)producing Marriage.Dominic Lash - 2021 - Film and Philosophy 25:1-22.
    This article considers aspects of Stanley Cavell’s film-philosophy in the light of Paul Thomas Anderson’s 2017 film Phantom Thread, and vice versa. Methodologically, it concentrates on the interpretation of Cavell’s writing and of Anderson’s film. In arguing that Phantom Thread has affinities with Cavell’s famous cinematic genre of remarriage comedy, the article addresses Cavell’s understanding of the production of what Wittgenstein calls “criteria.” Affirming Steven J. Affeldt’s insistence that the production of criteria is occasioned by crisis, the article explores the (...)
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    Graham Jones and Ashley Woodward Acinemas: Lyotard's Philosophy of Film.Dominic Lash - 2019 - Film-Philosophy 23 (3):391-394.
    Review of Graham Jones and Ashley Woodward, eds., "Acinemas: Lyotard's Philosophy of Film" (Edinburgh University Press).
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