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    God’s Punishment and Public Goods.Dominic D. P. Johnson - 2005 - Human Nature 16 (4):410-446.
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    The Biological and Evolutionary Logic of Human Cooperation.Terence C. Burnham & Dominic D. P. Johnson - 2005 - Analyse & Kritik 27 (2):113-135.
    Human cooperation is held to be an evolutionary puzzle because people voluntarily engage in costly cooperation, and costly punishment of non-cooperators, even among anonymous strangers they will never meet again. The costs of such cooperation cannot be recovered through kin-selection, reciprocal altruism, indirect reciprocity, or costly signaling. A number of recent authors label this behavior "strong reciprocity", and argue that it is: a newly documented aspect of human nature, adaptive, and evolved by group selection. We argue exactly the opposite; that (...)
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    The Elephant in the Room: Do Evolutionary Accounts of Religion Entail the Falsity of Religious Belief?Dominic D. P. Johnson, Hillary L. Lenfesty & Jeffrey P. Schloss - 2014 - Philosophy, Theology and the Sciences 1 (2):200.