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    Harnessing Wicked Problems in Multi-stakeholder Partnerships.Domenico Dentoni, Verena Bitzer & Greetje Schouten - 2018 - Journal of Business Ethics 150 (2):333-356.
    Despite the burgeoning literature on the governance and impact of cross-sector partnerships in the past two decades, the debate on how and when these collaborative arrangements address globally relevant problems and contribute to systemic change remains open. Building upon the notion of wicked problems and the literature on governing such wicked problems, this paper defines harnessing problems in multi-stakeholder partnerships as the approach of taking into account the nature of the problem and of organizing governance processes accordingly. The paper develops (...)
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    Linking Sustainable Business Models to Socio-Ecological Resilience Through Cross-Sector Partnerships: A Complex Adaptive Systems View.Rob Lubberink, Jonatan Pinkse & Domenico Dentoni - 2021 - Business and Society 60 (5):1216-1252.
    A flourishing literature assesses how sustainable business models create and capture value in socio-ecological systems. Nevertheless, we still know relatively little about how the organization of sustainable business models—of which cross-sector partnerships represent a core and distinctive mechanism—can support socio-ecological resilience. We address this knowledge gap by taking a complex adaptive systems (CAS) perspective. We develop a framework that identifies the key strategic, institutional, and learning elements of partnerships that sustainable business models rely on to support socio-ecological resilience. With our (...)
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    Cross-Sector Partnerships and the Co-creation of Dynamic Capabilities for Stakeholder Orientation.Domenico Dentoni, Verena Bitzer & Stefano Pascucci - 2016 - Journal of Business Ethics 135 (1):35-53.
    This paper explores the relationship between business experience in cross-sector partnerships and the co-creation of what we refer to as ‘dynamic capabilities for stakeholder orientation,’ consisting of the four dimensions of sensing, interacting with, learning from and changing based on stakeholders. We argue that the co-creation of dynamic capabilities for stakeholder orientation is crucial for CSPs to create societal impact, as stakeholder-oriented organizations are more suited to deal with “wicked problems,” i.e., problems that are large, messy, and complex. By means (...)
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    Understanding the organization of sharing economy in agri-food systems: evidence from alternative food networks in Valencia.Stefano Pascucci, Domenico Dentoni & Isabel Miralles - 2017 - Agriculture and Human Values 34 (4):833-854.
    Despite the proliferation of sharing economy initiatives in agri-food systems, the recent literature has still not unravelled what sharing exactly entails from an organizational standpoint. In light of this knowledge gap, this study aims to understand which resources are shared, and how, in a heterogeneous set of sharing economy initiatives in the context of food and agriculture. Specifically, this study compares the organization of various forms of alternative food networks, which are recognized to be frugal forms of sharing economy initiatives, (...)
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