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    Modal languages for topology: Expressivity and definability.Balder ten Cate, David Gabelaia & Dmitry Sustretov - 2009 - Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 159 (1-2):146-170.
    In this paper we study the expressive power and definability for modal languages interpreted on topological spaces. We provide topological analogues of the van Benthem characterization theorem and the Goldblatt–Thomason definability theorem in terms of the well-established first-order topological language.
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    Generalised imaginaries and galois cohomology.Dmitry Sustretov - 2016 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 81 (3):917-935.
    The objective of this article is to characterise elimination of finite generalised imaginaries as defined in [9] in terms of group cohomology. As an application, I consider series of Zariski geometries constructed [10, 23, 24] by Hrushovski and Zilber and indicate how their nondefinability in algebraically closed fields is connected to eliminability of certain generalised imaginaries.
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    Hybrid logics of separation axioms.Dmitry Sustretov - 2009 - Journal of Logic, Language and Information 18 (4):541-558.
    We study hybrid logics in topological semantics. We prove that hybrid logics of separation axioms are complete with respect to certain classes of finite topological models. This characterisation allows us to obtain several further results. We prove that aforementioned logics are decidable and PSPACE-complete, the logics of T 1 and T 2 coincide, the logic of T 1 is complete with respect to two concrete structures: the Cantor space and the rational numbers.
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