1.  23
    A recurrent connectionist model of group biases.Dirk Van Rooy, Frank Van Overwalle, Tim Vanhoomissen, Christophe Labiouse & Robert French - 2003 - Psychological Review 110 (3):536-563.
  2.  32
    Introducing StatHand: A Cross-Platform Mobile Application to Support Students’ Statistical Decision Making.Peter J. Allen, Lynne D. Roberts, Frank D. Baughman, Natalie J. Loxton, Dirk Van Rooy, Adam J. Rock & James Finlay - 2016 - Frontiers in Psychology 7.
  3. Trust and privacy in the future internet—a research perspective.Dirk van Rooy & Jacques Bus - 2010 - Identity in the Information Society 3 (2):397-404.
    With the proliferation of networked electronic communication came daunting capabilities to collect, process, combine and store data, resulting in hitherto unseen transformational pressure on the concepts of trust, security and privacy as we know them. The Future Internet will bring about a world where real life will integrate physical and digital life. Technology development for data linking and mining, together with unseen data collection, will lead to unwarranted access to personal data, and hence, privacy intrusion. Trust and identity lie at (...)
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