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    Servant Leadership and the Effect of the Interaction Between Humility, Action, and Hierarchical Power on Follower Engagement.Milton Sousa & Dirk van Dierendonck - 2017 - Journal of Business Ethics 141 (1):13-25.
    Servant leadership has been theorized as a model where the moral virtue of humility co-exists with action-driven behavior. This article provides an empirical study that tests how these two apparently paradoxical aspects of servant leadership interact in generating follower engagement, while considering the hierarchical power of the leader as a contingency variable. Through a three-way moderation model, a study was conducted based on a sample of 232 people working in a diverse range of companies. The first finding is that humble (...)
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    Compassionate Love as a Cornerstone of Servant Leadership: An Integration of Previous Theorizing and Research.Dirk van Dierendonck & Kathleen Patterson - 2015 - Journal of Business Ethics 128 (1):119-131.
    Servant leadership is increasingly gaining interest inside and outside academia. This article builds and extends current theorizing by describing the process that introduces compassionate love as a practical translation for the need to serve, which was positioned by Greenleaf as the core of servant leadership. This article takes a virtues perspective and shows how servant leadership may encourage a more meaningful and optimal human functioning with a strong sense of community to current-day organizations. In essence, we propose that a leader’s (...)
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    Servant Leadership Influencing Store-Level Profit: The Mediating Effect of Employee Flourishing.Vincent J. Giolito, Robert C. Liden, Dirk van Dierendonck & Gordon W. Cheung - 2020 - Journal of Business Ethics 172 (3):503-524.
    Servant leadership and other ethical and moral approaches to leadership have been criticized for focusing on followers to the potential detriment of other stakeholders, specifically shareholders. With individual data collected from 485 respondents nested in 55 similar stores in a single company, within a large metropolitan area in France, we tested a multilevel model whereby servant leadership relates positively to business-unit performance measured by profit growth—a key indicator for shareholders—through the mediation of employee flourishing and revenue growth. With financial performance (...)
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    Introducing a Short Measure of Shared Servant Leadership Impacting Team Performance through Team Behavioral Integration.Milton Sousa & Dirk Van Dierendonck - 2015 - Frontiers in Psychology 6.
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    Servant Leadership in Japan: A Validation Study of the Japanese Version of the Servant Leadership Survey.Yuka Kobayashi, Kazuhiro Watanabe, Yasumasa Otsuka, Hisashi Eguchi, Norito Kawakami, Kotaro Imamura & Dirk van Dierendonck - 2020 - Frontiers in Psychology 11.
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