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    Preserving the Right to Future Children: An Ethical Case Analysis.Gwendolyn P. Quinn, Daniel K. Stearsman, Lisa Campo-Engelstein & Devin Murphy - 2012 - American Journal of Bioethics 12 (6):38-43.
    We report on the case of a 2-year-old female, the youngest person ever to undergo ovarian tissue cryopreservation (OTC). This patient was diagnosed with a rare form of sickle cell disease, which required a bone-marrow transplant, and late effects included high risk of future infertility or complete sterility. Ethical concerns are raised, as the patient's mother made the decision for OTC on the patient's behalf with the intention that this would secure the option of biological childbearing in the future. Based (...)
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    Altruism in Terminal Cancer Patients and Rapid Tissue Donation Program: Does the Theory Apply? [REVIEW]Gwendolyn P. Quinn, Devin Murphy, Christie Pratt, Teresita Muñoz-Antonia, Lucy Guerra, Matthew B. Schabath, Marino E. Leon & Eric Haura - 2013 - Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy 16 (4):857-864.
    Rapid tissue donation (RTD) is an advancing oncology research procedure for collecting tumors, metastases, and unaffected tissue 2–6 h after death. Researchers can better determine rates of progression, response to treatment, and polymorphic differences among patients. Cancer patients may inquire about posthumous body donation for research to offer a personal contribution to research; however, there are barriers to recruiting for an RTD program. Physicians must reassure the patient that their treatment options and quality of care will not be compromised due (...)
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    The Ethical Imperative of Risk Disclosure in Research: The Answer Is Always Yes.Gwendolyn P. Quinn, Eric B. Haura & Devin Murphy - 2014 - American Journal of Bioethics 14 (4):18-19.
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