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  1. Environmental Refugees: What Rights? Which Duties?Derek R. Bell - 2004 - Res Publica 10 (2):135-152.
    It is estimated that there could be 200 million‘environmental refugees’ by the middle of this century. One major environmental cause of population displacement is likely to be global climate change. As the situation is likely to become more pressing, it is vital to consider now the rights of environmental refugees and the duties of the rest of the world. However, this is not an issue that has been addressed in mainstream theories of global justice. This paper considers the potential of (...)
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    Creating Green Citizens? Political Liberalism and Environmental Education.Derek R. Bell - 2004 - Journal of Philosophy of Education 38 (1):37–54.
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    Rawls and Research on Cognitively Impaired Patients: A Reply to Maio.Derek R. Bell - 2003 - Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics 24 (5):381-393.
    In his paper, “The Relevance of Rawls’ Principle of Justice for Research on Cognitively Impaired Patients” (Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics 23 (2002):45–53), Giovanni Maio has developed a thought-provoking argument for the permissibility of non-therapeutic research on cognitively impaired patients. Maio argues that his conclusion follows from the acceptance of John Rawls’s principles of justice, specifically, Rawls’s “liberty principle” Maio has misinterpreted Rawls’s “libertyprinciple” – correctly interpreted it does notsupport non-therapeutic research on cognitivelyimpaired patients. Three other ‘Rawlsian’ arguments are suggested by (...)
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    The Limits of Nationalism.Derek R. Bell - 2004 - Contemporary Political Theory 3 (2):219-221.
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