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    Fish traps and rabbit snares: Zhuangzi on judgement, truth and knowledge.Deborah H. Soles & David E. Soles - 1998 - Asian Philosophy 8 (3):149 – 164.
    We argue that the common attribution to Zhuangzi of both perspectivalism or relativism on the one hand, and scepticism on the other is fundamentally mistaken. While granting that it is reasonable to construe Zhuangzi as offering a perspectiva! position on judgement, we argue that Zhuangzi's perspectivalism does not commit him to a relativist position on truth or to scepticism about human knowledge. Rather, we maintain that Zhuangzi's attacks on the concepts of truth and knowledge are better seen as his articulation (...)
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    Zhuangzi’s ethical nihilism.David E. Soles & Deborah H. Soles - 2023 - Asian Philosophy 34 (1):87-97.
    Zhuangzi often is portrayed as a kind of ethical relativist. This popular reading has been challenged by Philip Ivanhoe, who argues that Zhuangzi is not a relativist but rather that Zhuangzi articulates a normative theory of benignity. In this paper we argue against Ivanhoe’s interpretation. We further argue that Zhuangzi is an ethical nihilist, who rejects all ethical positions.
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    Russell's Causal Theory of Meaning.Deborah Hansen Soles - 1981 - Russell: The Journal of Bertrand Russell Studies 1 (1):27.
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    Some ways of going wrong: On mistakes in on certainty.Deborah H. Soles - 1982 - Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 42 (4):555-571.
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    Hume, Language and God.Deborah Hansen Soles - 1981 - Philosophical Topics 12 (3):109-119.
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    Reinflating truth as an explanatory concept.Jeffrey Hershfield & Deborah Hansen Soles - 2003 - Pacific Philosophical Quarterly 84 (1):32–42.
    Despite his protests, there have been numerous efforts to enroll Davidson in the deflationist program. Michael Williams has recently continued this enterprise, arguing that a truth‐theoretic Davidsonian approach to meaning can be harnessed to a deflationary approach to truth. It is our contention that Williams’ attempt is unsuccessful.
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    Anti-Cartesian Epistemology.Deborah Hansen Soles - 2003 - Southwest Philosophy Review 19 (1):1-22.
  8. Epistemological Accounts of Predication.Deborah Hansen Soles - 1975 - Dissertation, The Johns Hopkins University
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    Hume, Language and God.Deborah Hansen Soles - 1981 - Philosophical Topics 12 (3):109-119.
  10. Manufacturing and Merchandising: The New Pedagogy.Deborah H. Soles - 1980 - Journal of Thought 15 (4):3-7.
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    On the indeterminacy of action.Deborah Hansen Soles - 1984 - Philosophy of the Social Sciences 14 (4):475-488.
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    Strong Wits and Spider Webs: A Study in Hobbes's Philosophy of Language.Deborah Hansen Soles - 1996
    The theme of this book is that Hobbes's philosophy of language is best understood as part of his larger materialist program. Contemporary material in philosophy of language and philosophy of mind is used to argue for this interpretation of Hobbes.
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    Understanding Music as Wittgenstein Does.Deborah Hansen Soles - 1998 - Southwest Philosophy Review 14 (2):97-114.
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    Will the Real Description Theory of Names Please Stand Up?Deborah Hansen Soles - 1996 - Southwest Philosophy Review 12 (1):151-160.