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    Action Selection and Execution in Everyday Activities: A Cognitive Robotics and Situation Model Perspective.David Vernon, Josefine Albert, Michael Beetz, Shiau-Chuen Chiou, Helge Ritter & Werner X. Schneider - 2022 - Topics in Cognitive Science 14 (2):344-362.
    Topics in Cognitive Science, Volume 14, Issue 2, Page 344-362, April 2022.
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    Embodied cognition and circular causality: on the role of constitutive autonomy in the reciprocal coupling of perception and action.David Vernon, Robert Lowe, Serge Thill & Tom Ziemke - 2015 - Frontiers in Psychology 6.
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    Exploring Modality Switching Effects in Negated Sentences: Further Evidence for Grounded Representations.Lea A. Hald, Ian Hocking, David Vernon, Julie-Ann Marshall & Alan Garnham - 2013 - Frontiers in Psychology 4.
    heories of embodied cognition (e.g., Perceptual Symbol Systems Theory; Barsalou, 1999, 2009) suggest that modality specific simulations underlie the representation of concepts. Supporting evidence comes from modality switch costs: participants are slower to verify a property in one modality (e.g., auditory, BLENDER-loud) after verifying a property in a different modality (e.g., gustatory, CRANBERRIES-tart) compared to the same modality (e.g., LEAVES-rustling, Pecher et al., 2003). Similarly, modality switching costs lead to a modulation of the N400 effect in event-related potentials (ERPs; Collins (...)
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    A First Draft Analysis of Some Meta-Requirements for Cognitive Systems in Robots (An exercise in logical topography analysis. ).Aaron Sloman & David Vernon - unknown
    This is a contribution to construction of a research roadmap for future cognitive systems, including intelligent robots, in the context of the euCognition network, and UKCRC Grand Challenge 5: Architecture of Brain and Mind. -/- A meeting on the euCognition roadmap project was held at Munich Airport on 11th Jan 2007. This document was in part a response to discussions at that meeting. An explanation of why specifying requirements is a hard problem, and why it needs to be done, along (...)
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    Embodiment in Cognitive Systems: on the Mutual Dependence of Cognition & Robotics.David Vernon, Giorgio Metta & Giulio Sandini - unknown
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