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J. David Velleman
New York University
  1. The Possibility of Practical Reason.David Velleman - 2000 - New York: Oxford University Press. Edited by J. David Velleman.
    Suppose that we want to frame a conception of reasons that isn't relativized to the inclinations of particular agents. That is, we want to identify particular things that count as reasons for acting simpliciter and not merely as reasons for some agents rather than others, depending on their inclinations. One way to frame such a conception is to name some features that an action can have and to say that they count as reasons for someone whether or not he is (...)
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  2. On the aim of belief.David Velleman - 2000 - In The Possibility of Practical Reason. Oxford University Press. pp. 244--81.
    This paper explores the sense in which belief "aims at the truth". In this course of this exploration, it discusses the difference between belief and make-believe, the nature of psychoanalytic explanation, the supposed "normativity of meaning", and related topics.
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  3. Practical Reflection.David Velleman - 1989 - Princeton University Press.
    “What do you see when you look at your face in the mirror?” asks J. David Velleman in introducing his philosophical theory of action. He takes this simple act of self-scrutiny as a model for the reflective reasoning of rational agents: our efforts to understand our existence and conduct are aided by our efforts to make it intelligible. Reflective reasoning, Velleman argues, constitutes practical reasoning. By applying this conception, Practical Reflection develops philosophical accounts of intention, free will, and the foundation (...)
  4. So it goes.David Velleman - 2020
    Derek Parfit finally meets the Buddha -- on Tralfamadore! This paper is also archived at SSRN.
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  5. Self to self.David Velleman - 1996 - Philosophical Review 105 (1):39-76.
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    Replies To Discussion On The Possibility of Practical Reason.David Velleman - 2004 - Philosophical Studies 121 (3):277-298.
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    Review: Replies to Discussion on "The Possibility of Practical Reason". [REVIEW]David Velleman - 2004 - Philosophical Studies 121 (3):277 - 298.
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  8. Author display.David Velleman - manuscript
    I also discuss recent research into "believable" software agents, which are designed on principles borrowed from the character-based arts, especially cinematic animation as practiced by the artists at Disney and Warner Brothers Studios. I claim that these agents exemplify a kind of autonomy that should be of greater interest to philosophers than that exemplified by the generic agent modeled in current philosophical theory. The latter agent is autonomous by virtue of being governed by itself; but a believable agent appears to (...)
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  9. Really seeing another.David Velleman - 2009 - In Alex Voorhoeve (ed.), Conversations on Ethics. Oxford University Press.
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