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    How humans learn to think mathematically: exploring the three worlds of mathematics.David Tall - 2013 - Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
    I. Prelude -- About this Book -- II. School Mathematics and Its Consequences -- The Foundations of Mathematical Thinking -- Compression, Connection and Blending of Mathematical Ideas -- Set-befores, Met-befores and Long-term Learning -- Mathematics and the Emotions -- The Three Worlds of Mathematics -- Journeys through Embodiment and Symbolism -- Problem-Solving and Proof -- III. Interlude -- The Historical Evolution of Mathematics -- IV. University Mathematics and Beyond -- The Transition to Formal Knowledge -- Blending Knowledge Structures in the (...)
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    A Cauchy-Dirac Delta Function.Mikhail G. Katz & David Tall - 2013 - Foundations of Science 18 (1):107-123.
    The Dirac δ function has solid roots in nineteenth century work in Fourier analysis and singular integrals by Cauchy and others, anticipating Dirac’s discovery by over a century, and illuminating the nature of Cauchy’s infinitesimals and his infinitesimal definition of δ.
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  3. The foundations of mathematics.Ian Stewart & David Tall - 1977 - New York: Oxford University Press. Edited by David Orme Tall.
    The Foundations of Mathematics (Stewart and Tall) is a horse of a different color. The writing is excellent and there is actually some useful mathematics. I definitely like this book."--The Bulletin of Mathematics Books.
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