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    The Impact of Complexity on Methods and Findings in Psychological Science.David M. Sanbonmatsu, Emily H. Cooley & Jonathan E. Butner - 2021 - Frontiers in Psychology 11:580111.
    The study of human behavior is severely hampered by logistical problems, ethical and legal constraints, and funding shortfalls. However, the biggest difficulty of conducting social and behavioral research is the extraordinary complexity of the study phenomena. In this article, we review the impact of complexity on research design, hypothesis testing, measurement, data analyses, reproducibility, and the communication of findings in psychological science. The systematic investigation of the world often requires different approaches because of the variability in complexity. Confirmatory testing, multi-factorial (...)
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    Whither the alternatives: Determinants and consequences of selective versus comparative judgemental processing.David M. Sanbonmatsu, Sam Vanous, Christine Hook, Steven S. Posavac & Frank R. Kardes - 2011 - Thinking and Reasoning 17 (4):367 - 386.
    Judgements of the value or likelihood of a focal object or outcome have been shown to vary dramatically as a function of whether judgement is based on selective or comparative processing. This article explores the question of when selective versus comparative processing is likely, and demonstrates that as motivation and opportunity to process information carefully (operationalised as accountability and time pressure, respectively) decrease, the likelihood of selective processing increases. Moreover, we document how individuals manage to render judgements when in selective (...)
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    The Structure of Scientific Revolutions: Kuhn’s misconceptions of (normal) science.David M. Sanbonmatsu & Katie K. Sanbonmatsu - 2017 - Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology 37 (3):133-151.
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