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  1. The concept of rational suicide.David J. Mayo - 1986 - Journal of Medicine and Philosophy 11 (2):143-155.
    Suicide has been condemned in our culture in one way or another since Augustine offered theological arguments against it in the sixth century. More recently, theological condemnation has given way to the view that suicidal behavior must always be symptomatic of emotional disturbance and mental illness. However, suicide has not always been viewed so negatively. In other times and cultures, it has been held that circumstances might befall a person in which suicide would be a perfectly rational course of action, (...)
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  2. Restricting Physician‐Assisted Death to the Terminally Ill.Martin Gunderson & David J. Mayo - 2000 - Hastings Center Report 30 (6):17-23.
    Although physician‐assisted death can be a great benefit both to those who are terminally ill and those who are not, the risks for patients in these two categories are quite different. For now it is reasonable to make the benefit available only for those near death, and to await better evidence about the risks before making it more broadly available.
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    Contemplating Suicide: The Language and Ethics of Self Harm.Gavin Fairbairn & David J. Mayo - 1995 - Bioethics 10 (4):350-352.
    Suicide is devastating. It is an assault on our ideas of what living is about. In Contemplating Suicide Gavin Fairbairn takes fresh look at suicidal self harm. His view is distinctive in not emphasising external facts: the presence or absence of a corpse, along with evidence that the person who has become a corpse, intended to do so. It emphasises the intentions that the person had in acting, rather than the consequences that follow from those actions. Much of the book (...)
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    Vitalism Revitalized: Vulnerable Populations, Prejudice, and Physician‐Assisted Death.David J. Mayo & Martin Gunderson - 2002 - Hastings Center Report 32 (4):14-21.
    One of the most potent arguments against physician‐assisted death hinges on the worry that people with disabilities will be subtly coerced to accept death prematurely. The argument is flawed. There is nothing new in PAD: the risk of coercion is already present in current policies about end of life care. And to hold that any such risk is too much is tacitly to endorse vitalism and to deny that people with disabilities are capable of choosing authentically.
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    The right to same-sex marriage: A critique of the leftist critique.David J. Mayo & Martin Gunderson - 2000 - Journal of Social Philosophy 31 (3):326–337.
  6. Death in the Clinic.David Barnard, Celia Berdes, James L. Bernat, Linda Emanuel, Robert Fogerty, Linda Ganzini, Elizabeth R. Goy, David J. Mayo, John Paris, Michael D. Schreiber, J. David Velleman & Mark R. Wicclair - 2005 - Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.
    Death in the Clinic fills a gap in contemporary medical education by explicitly addressing the concrete clinical realities about death with which practitioners, patients, and their families continue to wrestle. Visit our website for sample chapters!
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    Routine HIV Testing of Hospital Patients and Pregnant Women: Informed Consent in the Real World.David J. Mayo, Frank S. Rhame & Martin Gunderson - 1996 - Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal 6 (2):161-182.
    : The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recommended that HIV testing be routinely offered to certain patients in hospitals with a high prevalence of HIV infection and on all pregnant women. The CDC does not, however, offer implementation level guidelines for obtaining informed consent. We provide a moral justification for requiring informed consent for HIV testing and propose guidelines for securing such consent. In particular we argue that genuine informed consent can be secured without elaborate counseling, such (...)
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    The Case of Ms. A and Her Nurse-Therapist.David J. Mayo - 1993 - Journal of Clinical Ethics 4 (4):329-332.
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    The Illusion of 'Rational' SuicideSuicide: The Philosophical Issues. [REVIEW]David Peretz, M. Pabst Battin & David J. Mayo - 1981 - Hastings Center Report 11 (6):40.