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David F. Sherry [4]David Francis Sherry [1]
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    The evolution of multiple memory systems.David F. Sherry & Daniel L. Schacter - 1987 - Psychological Review 94 (4):439-454.
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    Shorebirds’ Longer Migratory Distances Are Associated With Larger ADCYAP1 Microsatellites and Greater Morphological Complexity of Hippocampal Astrocytes.Diego de Almeida Miranda, Juliana Araripe, Nara G. de Morais Magalhães, Lucas Silva de Siqueira, Cintya Castro de Abreu, Patrick Douglas Corrêa Pereira, Ediely Pereira Henrique, Pedro Arthur Campos da Silva Chira, Mauro A. D. de Melo, Péricles Sena do Rêgo, Daniel Guerreiro Diniz, David Francis Sherry, Cristovam W. P. Diniz & Cristovam Guerreiro-Diniz - 2022 - Frontiers in Psychology 12.
    For the epic journey of autumn migration, long-distance migratory birds use innate and learned information and follow strict schedules imposed by genetic and epigenetic mechanisms, the details of which remain largely unknown. In addition, bird migration requires integrated action of different multisensory systems for learning and memory, and the hippocampus appears to be the integration center for this task. In previous studies we found that contrasting long-distance migratory flights differentially affected the morphological complexity of two types of hippocampus astrocytes. Recently, (...)
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    Dynamic models, fitness functions and food storing.Christine L. Hitchcock & David F. Sherry - 1991 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 14 (1):99-99.
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    Dynamic programming: From eternity to here.David F. Sherry - 1988 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 11 (1):147-148.
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    Natural selection and intelligence.David F. Sherry - 1987 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 10 (4):678.
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