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    Postmodernism, Economics and Knowledge.Stephen Cullenberg, Jack Amariglio & David F. Ruccio (eds.) - 2001 - Routledge.
    This ground-breaking volume brings together the essays of top theorists including Arjo Klamer, Deirdre McCloskey, Julie Nelson, Shuan Hargreaves-Heap and Philip Mirowski on a diverse range of topics such as gender, post-colonial theory, rationality, and modernism.
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    Envisioning Real Utopias, Erik Olin Wright, London: Verso, 2010.David F. Ruccio - 2011 - Historical Materialism 19 (4):219-227.
    In this review, I argue that Erik Olin Wright’s Envisioning Real Utopias is necessary reading for anyone interested in thinking through the possibilities of creating noncapitalist ways of organising economic and social life in the world today. However, I also raise questions about Wright’s deterministic interpretation of Marx’s critique of political economy, his relative neglect of class-analysis, and his non-Gramscian conception of the relationship between the state, economy, and civil society.
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  3. From Unity to Dispersion.Jack Amariglio & David F. Ruccio - 2001 - In Stephen Cullenberg, Jack Amariglio & David F. Ruccio (eds.), Postmodernism, Economics and Knowledge. Routledge.
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