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    Cognitive Neuroscience 2.0: Building a Cumulative Science of Human Brain Function.Tal Yarkoni, Russell A. Poldrack, David C. Van Essen & Tor D. Wager - 2010 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 14 (11):489-496.
  2. Concurrent Processing in the Primate Visual Cortex.David C. Van Essen & Edgar A. Deyoe - 1995 - In Michael S. Gazzaniga (ed.), The Cognitive Neurosciences. MIT Press.
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    Dynamic Routing Strategies in Sensory, Motor, and Cognitive Processing.David C. Van Essen, Charles H. Anderson & Bruno A. Olshausen - 1994 - In Christof Koch & J. Davis (eds.), Large-Scale Neuronal Theories of the Brain. MIT Press.
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  4. Directed Visual Attention and the Dynamic Control of Information Flow.Charles H. Anderson, David C. Van Essen & Bruno A. Olshausen - 2005 - In Laurent Itti, Geraint Rees & John K. Tsotsos (eds.), Neurobiology of Attention. Academic Press.
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