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    Problems of multi-species organisms: endosymbionts to holobionts.David C. Queller & Joan E. Strassmann - 2016 - Biology and Philosophy 31 (6):855-873.
    The organism is one of the fundamental concepts of biology and has been at the center of many discussions about biological individuality, yet what exactly it is can be confusing. The definition that we find generally useful is that an organism is a unit in which all the subunits have evolved to be highly cooperative, with very little conflict. We focus on how often organisms evolve from two or more formerly independent organisms. Two canonical transitions of this type—replicators clustered in (...)
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    A gene’s eye view of Darwinian populations: Review of Peter Godfrey-Smith's Darwininan populations and natural selection. Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2009.David C. Queller - 2011 - Biology and Philosophy 26 (6):905-913.
    Biologists and philosophers differ on whether selection should be analyzed at the level of the gene or of the individual. In Peter Godfrey-Smith’s book, Darwinian Populations and Natural Selection, he argues that individuals can be good members of Darwinian populations, whereas genes rarely can. I take issue with parts of this view, and suggest that Godfrey-Smith’s scheme for thinking about Darwinian populations is also applicable to populations of genes.
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    Kin Selection and Its Discontents.David C. Queller - 2016 - Philosophy of Science 83 (5):861-872.
    Kin selection is a core aspect of social evolution theory, but a small number of critics have recently challenged it. Here I address these criticisms and show that kin selection remains an important explanation for much social evolution. I show how many of the criticisms rest on historical idiosyncrasies of the way the field happened to develop, rather than on the real logic and evidence.
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