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David A. Givner [8]David Aaron Givner [1]
  1. Direct perception, misperception and perceptual systems: J. J. Gibson and the problem of illusion.David A. Givner - 1982 - Nature and System 4 (September):131-142.
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    New Studies in Berkeley's Philosophy. Edited by Warren E. Steinkraus. Holt, Rinehart and Winston, Inc., 1966, pp. vii, 199, $3.25. [REVIEW]David A. Givner - 1966 - Dialogue 5 (3):457-459.
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    A time for waking.David A. Givner - 1978 - Southern Journal of Philosophy 16 (1):641-648.
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    Berkeley's Ambiguity.David A. Givner - 1970 - Dialogue 8 (4):646-662.
    The subject of this study is an ambiguity which is deeply rooted in Berkeley's arguments against matter. By a is shift between two meanings of the term ‘sensible’, he is able to construct a simple “refutation” of matter. Berkeley then attempts to show that this argument is irrefutable. The ambiguity of the original argument is, however, contained in the train of supporting arguments. My purpose in bringing attention to this ambiguity is not just to reveal a mistake in Berkeley's arguments (...)
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    Concepts, percepts and perceptal systems: The relevance of psychology to epistemology.David A. Givner - 1982 - Metaphilosophy 13 (July-October):209-216.
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    To Be Is to Be Distinguished.David A. Givner - 1974 - Idealistic Studies 4 (2):131-144.
    A sensible object, it will be argued, cannot exist apart from its being perceived if the differentiation of object from subject is essential to perception. By object-subject differentiation, the following is meant: if an object is to be perceived, then, in addition to being distinguished from its surroundings, it, as well as those adjacent things, must be distinguished from the subject that perceives it. This proposition also implies that a subject cannot exist apart from a perceived object. Our position, therefore, (...)
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    Scientific Preconceptions in Locke's Philosophy of Language.David A. Givner - 1962 - Journal of the History of Ideas 23 (3):340.
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    A Time For Waking.David A. Givner - 1978 - Southern Journal of Philosophy 16 (1):641-648.
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