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  1. Towards a philosophy of academic publishing.Michael A. Peters, Petar Jandrić, Ruth Irwin, Kirsten Locke, Nesta Devine, Richard Heraud, Andrew Gibbons, Tina Besley, Jayne White, Daniella Forster, Liz Jackson, Elizabeth Grierson, Carl Mika, Georgina Stewart, Marek Tesar, Susanne Brighouse, Sonja Arndt, George Lazaroiu, Ramona Mihaila, Catherine Legg & Leon Benade - 2016 - Educational Philosophy and Theory 48 (14):1401-1425.
    This article is concerned with developing a philosophical approach to a number of significant changes to academic publishing, and specifically the global journal knowledge system wrought by a range of new digital technologies that herald the third age of the journal as an electronic, interactive and mixed-media form of scientific communication. The paper emerges from an Editors' Collective, a small New Zealand-based organisation comprised of editors and reviewers of academic journals mostly in the fields of education and philosophy. The paper (...)
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    Philosophy of education in a new key: Exploring new ways of teaching and doing ethics in education in the 21st century.Rachel Anne Buchanan, Daniella Jasmin Forster, Samuel Douglas, Sonal Nakar, Helen J. Boon, Treesa Heath, Paul Heyward, Laura D’Olimpio, Joanne Ailwood, Scott Eacott, Sharon Smith, Michael Peters & Marek Tesar - 2022 - Educational Philosophy and Theory 54 (8):1178-1197.
    Within the rough ground that is the field of education there is a complex web of ethical obligations: to prepare our students for their future work; to be ethical as educators in our conduct and teaching; to the ethical principles embedded in the contexts in which we work; and given the Southern context of this work, the ethical obligations we have to this land and its First Peoples. We put out a call to colleagues whose work has been concerned with (...)
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    Using normative case studies to examine ethical dilemmas for educators in an ecological crisis.Sarah K. Gurr & Daniella J. Forster - 2023 - Educational Philosophy and Theory 55 (10):1121-1136.
    Environmental and sustainability initiatives seek to respond to the challenges of ecological crises and ongoing environmental degradation by supporting students to develop knowledge and dispositions to respond to the challenges of and live in a climate changed world. However, these initiatives are often marginalised in curriculum and hamstrung by inherent tensions such as which worldviews should be prioritised, the incommensurability of some global and local values, and the pursuit of environmental needs in the age of neoliberalism. These challenges become more (...)
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    Publishing and Intergenerational Learning for the Future of Philosophy in Education: An interview with Paul Smeyers.Daniella J. Forster - 2017 - Educational Philosophy and Theory 49 (2).
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    Academic Publishing, Philosophy of Education and the Future.Georgina Stewart & Daniella J. Forster - 2017 - Educational Philosophy and Theory 49 (2).