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    Wading Knee-Deep Into the Rubicon: Escalation and the Morality of Limited Strikes.Daniel R. Brunstetter - 2020 - Ethics and International Affairs 34 (2):161-173.
    Limited strikes are arguably different from war insofar as they are more circumscribed, less destructive, and cost less in blood and treasure to employ. However, what they can achieve is also considerably more circumscribed than what is set out by the goals of war. How do we morally evaluate limited strikes? As part of the roundtable, “The Ethics of Limited Strikes,” this essay argues that we need to turn to the ethics of limited of force, orjus ad vim, to do (...)
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    Rethinking the Criterion for Assessing Cia-Targeted Killings: Drones, Proportionality and Jus Ad Vim.Megan Braun & Daniel R. Brunstetter - 2013 - Journal of Military Ethics 12 (4):304-324.
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    Tensions of Modernity: Las Casas and His Legacy in the French Enlightenment.Daniel R. Brunstetter - 2012 - Routledge.
    Modernity and the other: a story of inequality -- Locating the other in the political debates of early modernity -- Thinking and rethinking the equality of the other: Vitoria, Sepúlveda and the true barbarians -- Las Casas and the other: the tension between equality and cultural othercide -- From the civilizing mission to irreconcilable alterity: the changing perception of the Indians in the French Enlightenment -- The other side of modernity: legitimizing the transition from cultural othercide to physical othercide -- (...)
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    Introduction: The Ethical, Legal, and Strategic Implications of Limited Strikes.Daniel R. Brunstetter - 2020 - Ethics and International Affairs 34 (2):157-159.
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    An Introduction to Political Philosophy.Daniel R. Brunstetter - 2007 - Review of Metaphysics 61 (1):169-171.
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    Trends in Just War Thinking During the US Presidential Debates 2000–12: Genocide Prevention and the Renewed Salience of Last Resort. [REVIEW]Daniel R. Brunstetter - 2007 - Journal of Military Ethics 6 (2):107-16.