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Daniel Lundqvist [12]Daniel Västfjäll & Lundqvist [1]
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  3.  27
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  4.  17
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  5.  19
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  6.  18
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  7.  33
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  8.  40
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  10.  14
    Finding an emotional face in a crowd: Emotional and perceptual stimulus factors influence visual search efficiency.Daniel Lundqvist, Neil Bruce & Arne Öhman - 2015 - Cognition and Emotion 29 (4):621-633.
  11.  10
    The Sustained Influence of an Error on Future Decision-Making.Björn C. Schiffler, Sara L. Bengtsson & Daniel Lundqvist - 2017 - Frontiers in Psychology 8.
  12.  47
    Reading or scanning? A study of newspaper and net paper reading.Kenneth Holmqvist, Jana Holsanova, Maria Barthelson & Daniel Lundqvist - 2003 - In J. R. In Hyönä & H. Deubel (eds.), The mind's eye: cognitive and applied aspects of eye movement research. pp. 657 - 670.
    Net paper readers have been shown to read deeper into articles than newspaper readers. It has also been claimed that newspaper readers rather scan than read newspapers. Do these findings mean that net paper readers read proportionally more than newspaper readers? This paper presents results showing that in fact net paper readers scan more and read less than newspaper readers. We furthermore investigate whether this result can be expained by the difference in layout, navigation structure and purpose of reading between (...)
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    Caught by the evil eye : nonconscious information processing, emotion, and attention to facial stimuli.Daniel Lundqvist & Arne Öhman - 2005 - In Lisa Feldman Barrett, Paula M. Niedenthal & Piotr Winkielman (eds.), Emotion and Consciousness. Guilford Press. pp. 97.