1. A Voyage to the World of Cartesius.Gabriel Daniel, Thomas Taylor & Daniel Defoe - 1692 - Printed and Sold by Thomas Bennet.
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  2. Religious Courtship Being Historical Discourses on the Necessity of Marrying Religious Husbands and Wives Only. As Also of Husbands and Wives Being of the Same Opinions in Religion with One Another. With an Appendix on the Necessity of Taking None but Religious Servants, and a Proposal for the Better Managing of Servants.Daniel Defoe, A. Millar & W. Law - 1796 - Printed for A. Millar, W. Law, and R. Cater; and for Wilson, Spence, and Mawman, York.
  3. A Voyage to the World of Cartesius. Written Originally in French. Translated Into English by T. Taylor, M.A. Of Magdalen Colledge in Oxford.Gabriel Daniel, Thomas Taylor & Daniel Defoe - 1694 - Printed for Thomas Bennet, at the Half Moon in S. Paul's Church-Yard.
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  4. Political Aphorisms: Or, the True Maxims of Government Displayed Wherein is Likewise Proved, That Paternal Authority is No Absolute Authority, and That Adam Had No Such Authority. That There Neither is or Can Be Any Absolute Government de Jure, and That All Such Pretended Government is Void. That the Children of Israel Did Often Resist Their Evil Princes Without Any Appointment or Foretelling Thereof by God in Scripture. That the Primitive Christians Did Often Resist Their Tyrannical Emperors, and That Bishop Athanasius Did Approve of Resistance. That the Protestants in All Ages Did Resist Their Evil and Destructive Princes. Together with a Historical Account of the Depriving of Kings for Their Evil Government, in Israel, France, Spain, Portugal, Scotland, and in England Before and Since the Conquest.John Locke, Hubert Languet, Daniel Defoe, Robert Ferguson & T. Harrison - 1691 - Printed for Tho. Harrison at the West End of the Royal Exchange in Cornhill.