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    Arendt and Heidegger: The Fate of the Political.Dana Richard Villa - 1995 - Princeton University Press.
    Theodor Adorno once wrote an essay to "defend Bach against his devotees." In this book Dana Villa does the same for Hannah Arendt, whose sweeping reconceptualization of the nature and value of political action, he argues, has been covered over and domesticated by admirers who had hoped to enlist her in their less radical philosophical or political projects. Against the prevailing "Aristotelian" interpretation of her work, Villa explores Arendt's modernity, and indeed her postmodernity, through the Heideggerian and Nietzschean theme of (...)
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  2. Politics, Philosophy, Terror: Essays on the Thought of Hannah Arendt.Dana Richard Villa - 1999 - Princeton University Press.
    Hannah Arendt's rich and varied political thought is more influential today than ever before, due in part to the collapse of communism and the need for ideas that move beyond the old ideologies of the Cold War. As Dana Villa shows, however, Arendt's thought is often poorly understood, both because of its complexity and because her fame has made it easy for critics to write about what she is reputed to have said rather than what she actually wrote. Villa sets (...)
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    Socratic Citizenship.Dana Richard Villa - 2001 - Princeton University Press.
    Many critics bemoan the lack of civic engagement in America. Tocqueville's ''nation of joiners'' seems to have become a nation of alienated individuals, disinclined to fulfill the obligations of citizenship or the responsibilities of self-government. In response, the critics urge community involvement and renewed education in the civic virtues. But what kind of civic engagement do we want, and what sort of citizenship should we encourage? In Socratic Citizenship, Dana Villa takes issue with those who would reduce citizenship to community (...)
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    The Judge and the Spectator: Hannah Arendt's Political Philosophy.Joke J. Hermsen & Dana Richard Villa (eds.) - 1999 - Peeters.
    While thinking remains a solitary activity, it does not cut itself off from all others. in this book address the philosophical and moral questions raised by ...
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