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    The Three Rs of Animal Research: What they Mean for the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee and Why.Howard J. Curzer, Gad Perry, Mark C. Wallace & Dan Perry - 2016 - Science and Engineering Ethics 22 (2):549-565.
    The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee is entrusted with assessing the ethics of proposed projects prior to approval of animal research. The role of the IACUC is detailed in legislation and binding rules, which are in turn inspired by the Three Rs: the principles of Replacement, Reduction, and Refinement. However, these principles are poorly defined. Although this provides the IACUC leeway in assessing a proposed project, it also affords little guidance. Our goal is to provide procedural and philosophical clarity (...)
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    Animal Rights and Environmental Wrongs.Dan Perry - 2004 - Essays in Philosophy 5 (2):327-342.
    Alien species are considered by conservation biologists to be a major threat to biodiversity. To deal with alien invasions, they often recommend completely eradicating the invasive species. Animal rights groups have continually opposed eradication campaigns, sometimes successfully. One such case was the attempted eradication of the grey squirrel from northern Italy.
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    Teaching Wildlife Research Ethics.Howard J. Curzer, Mark Wallace, Gad Perry, Peter Muhlberger & Dan Perry - 2011 - Teaching Ethics 12 (1):95-112.
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    “Endemic Aliens”: Grey-Headed Flying-Foxes at the Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens.Dan Perry - 2012 - Journal of Animal Ethics 2 (2):162-178.
    In 1980 grey-headed flying-foxes, a species now listed as "vulnerable to extinction," made camp at the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne (RBGM). In May 2000 the RBGM started to kill bats. The killing was halted when Humane Society International (HSI) filed for the bats’ protection under federal and state conservation laws. Over the next 13 months, conservationists, garden officials and scientists, politicians, animal activists, and others all played a part in a chain of events that demonstrates the tangled web of scientific (...)
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