1.  27
    Maximal Kripke-Type Semantics for Modal and Superintuitionistic Predicate Logics.D. P. Skvortsov & V. B. Shehtman - 1993 - Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 63 (1):69-101.
    Recent studies in semantics of modal and superintuitionistic predicate logics provided many examples of incompleteness, especially for Kripke semantics. So there is a problem: to find an appropriate possible- world semantics which is equivalent to Kripke semantics at the propositional level and which is strong enough to prove general completeness results. The present paper introduces a new semantics of Kripke metaframes' generalizing some earlier notions. The main innovation is in considering "n"-tuples of individuals as abstract "n"-dimensional vectors', together with some (...)
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  2.  26
    Logics of Some Kripke Frames Connected with Medvedev Notion of Informational Types.V. B. Shehtman & D. P. Skvortsov - 1986 - Studia Logica 45 (1):101-118.
    Intermediate prepositional logics we consider here describe the setI() of regular informational types introduced by Yu. T. Medvedev [7]. He showed thatI() is a Heyting algebra. This algebra gives rise to the logic of infinite problems from [13] denoted here asLM 1. Some other definitions of negation inI() lead to logicsLM n (n ). We study inclusions between these and other systems, proveLM n to be non-finitely axiomatizable (n ) and recursively axiomatizable (n ). We also show that formulas in (...)
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  3.  50
    On Axiomatization of Many-Valued Logics Associated with Formalization of Plausible Reasonings.O. M. Anshakov, V. K. Finn & D. P. Skvortsov - 1989 - Studia Logica 48 (4):423 - 447.
    This paper studies a class of infinite-valued predicate logics. A sufficient condition for axiomatizability of logics from that class is given.
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