Cory F. Juhl [7]Cory Francis Juhl [1]
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    Objectively reliable subjective probabilities.Cory F. Juhl - 1996 - Synthese 109 (3):293 - 309.
    Subjective Bayesians typically find the following objection difficult to answer: some joint probability measures lead to intuitively irrational inductive behavior, even in the long run. Yet well-motivated ways to restrict the set of reasonable prior joint measures have not been forthcoming. In this paper I propose a way to restrict the set of prior joint probability measures in particular inductive settings. My proposal is the following: where there exists some successful inductive method for getting to the truth in some situation, (...)
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  2. The speed-optimality of Reichenbach's straight rule of induction.Cory F. Juhl - 1994 - British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 45 (3):857-863.
    Hans Reichenbach made a bold and original attempt to ‘vindicate’ induction. He proposed a rule, the ‘straight rule’ of induction, which would guarantee inductive success if any rule of induction would. A central problem facing his attempt to vindicate the straight rule is that too many other rules are just as good as the straight rule if our only constraint on what counts as ‘success’ for an inductive rule is that it is ‘asymptotic’, i.e. that it converges in the limit (...)
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  3. A context-sensitive liar.Cory F. Juhl - 1997 - Analysis 57 (3):202–204.
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    Conscious Experience and the Non-Triviality Principle.Cory F. Juhl - 1998 - Philosophical Studies 91 (1):91-101.
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    Teleosemantics, kripkenstein and paradox.Cory F. Juhl - 2000 - In N. Shanks & R. Gardner (eds.), Logic, Probability and Science. Atlanta: Rodopi. pp. 168-181.
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    The Comprehensibility of the Universe: A New Conception of Science. [REVIEW]Cory F. Juhl - 2000 - International Philosophical Quarterly 40 (4):517-518.
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    Review of Gary Ebbs, Carnap, Quine, and Putnam on Methods of Inquiry. [REVIEW]Cory F. Juhl - 2022 - Journal for the History of Analytical Philosophy 10 (6).