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Corliss G. Swain
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    Personal Identity and the Skeptical System of Philosophy.Corliss Gayda Swain - 2006 - In Saul Traiger (ed.), The Blackwell Guide to Hume's Treatise. Oxford, UK: Blackwell. pp. 133–150.
    This chapter contains section titled: References Further reading.
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  2. Passionate objectivity.Corliss G. Swain - 1992 - Noûs 26 (4):465-490.
  3.  38
    Being Sure of One's Self: Hume on Personal Identity.Corliss Gayda Swain - 1991 - Hume Studies 17 (2):107-124.
  4. Irrational inference and rational belief Hume's justification of induction.Corliss G. Swain - 1997 - Manuscrito 20:231.
  5.  41
    The New Hume Debate. [REVIEW]Corliss G. Swain - 2002 - Hume Studies 28 (1):157-160.
    The "New Hume" referred to in the title of this collection of essays is the Hume who is supposed to be a causal realist in Galen Strawson's and John Wright's senses of that term. There are, of course, other "New Humes." There is the "New Hume" who is not an inductive sceptic, the "New Hume" who is a moral realist, and the "New Hume" who is a causal realist of a very different kind, to name but a few. Perhaps the (...)
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    On Identity. [REVIEW]Corliss Gayda Swain - 1982 - Review of Metaphysics 36 (2):464-465.
    Central to Husserl's investigation of the foundations of logic is the notion of the identity of the judgment. Every theoretical enterprise, including logic, presupposes that its judgments are stable and enduring acquisitions which can be understood in the same sense by anyone at any time. In order fully to understand logic and its foundational role for all the other sciences Husserl believed it necessary to examine how this sense of the identical judgment is constituted. It is within this context that (...)
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    Cutting a gordian knot the solution to newcomb's problem.Corliss G. Swain - 1988 - Philosophical Studies 53 (3):391 - 409.
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    Being Sure of One's Self.Corliss Gayda Swain - 1991 - Hume Studies 17 (2):107-124.