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Constance C. Meinwald [7]Constance Chu Meinwald [2]
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    Plato's Parmenides.Constance C. Meinwald - 1991 - Oxford University Press.
    The Parmenides is notorious for the criticisms it directs against Plato's own Theory of Forms, as presented in the middle period. But the second and major portion of the dialogue has generally been avoided, despite its being offered as Plato's response to the problems; the text seems intractably obscure, appearing to consist of a series of bad arguments leading to contradictory conclusions. Carefully analyzing these arguments and the methodological remarks which precede them, Meinwald shows that to understand Plato's response we (...)
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    Plato's Phaedo.Constance C. Meinwald & David Bostock - 1989 - Philosophical Review 98 (1):127.
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    Plato.Constance C. Meinwald - 2015 - New York: Routledge.
    In this outstanding introduction, Constance Meinwald covers all of Plato's philosophy and shows how he shaped the landscape of Western philosophy. Beginning with a helpful overview of what is known about Plato's life and times, she clearly explains and assesses Plato's fundamental arguments and ideas. These include the importance of Plato's view of what philosophy is and the distinctive way in which his most important arguments are presented in dialogues; his theories of ethics addressed through the fundamental and enduring questions (...)
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  4. Prometheus's bounds. Peras and Apeiron in Plato's Philebus.Constance C. Meinwald - 1998 - In Jyl Gentzler (ed.), Method in Ancient Philosophy. Oxford University Press. pp. 165--80.
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    Plato’s Pythagoreanism.Constance Chu Meinwald - 2002 - Ancient Philosophy 22 (1):87-101.
  6. Natures and Properties: Predication 'Pros Heauto' and 'Pros Ta Alla' in Plato's "Parmenides".Constance C. Meinwald - 1987 - Dissertation, Princeton University
    In the last thirty years there has been a great deal of interest in Plato's late dialogues. However, so far a consensus on the interpretation of these works has failed to emerge. The principal reason for this is that understanding the Parmenides--which introduces the late group--is a necessary precondition for understanding the other late dialogues, and the Parmenides has until now not been at all well understood. ;The first part of the Parmenides notoriously presents a series of problems that face (...)
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    Emotion and Peace of Mind.Constance C. Meinwald - 2002 - Journal of Philosophy 99 (3):163-166.
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    Emotion and Peace of Mind: From Stoic Agitation to Christian Temptation. [REVIEW]Constance C. Meinwald - 2002 - Journal of Philosophy 99 (3):163-166.
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