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Connor K. Kianpour
University of Colorado, Boulder
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    Red in Tooth and Claw No More: Animal Rights and the Permissibility to Redesign Nature.Connor K. Kianpour & Eze Paez - 2022 - Environmental Values 31 (2):211-231.
    Most non-human animals live in the wild and it is probable that suffering predominates in their lives due to natural events. Humans may at some point be able to engage in paradise engineering, or the modification of nature and animal organisms themselves, to improve the well-being of wild animals. We may, in other words, make nature 'red in tooth and claw' no more. We argue that this creates a tension between environmental ethics and animal ethics which is likely insurmountable. First, (...)
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    It Only Affects Me: Pharmaceutical Regulation and Harm to Others.Connor K. Kianpour - forthcoming - HEC Forum:1-21.
    In her Pharmaceutical Freedom, Jessica Flanigan argues that antibiotics can be regulated consistent with her otherwise largely deregulatory view with respect to pharmaceuticals and recreational drugs. I contend in this essay that the reasons for justifying antibiotic regulation are reasons that can be offered to justify the regulation of many other drugs, both pharmaceutical and recreational. After laying out the specifics of Flanigan’s view, I suggest that it is amenable to the regulation of drugs like varenicline. Though such drugs can (...)
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