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    Abductive Reasoning, Interpretation and Collaborative Processes.Claudia Arrighi & Roberta Ferrario - 2008 - Foundations of Science 13 (1):75-87.
    In this paper we want to examine how the mutual understanding of speakers is reached during a conversation through collaborative processes, and what role is played by abductive inference (in the Peircean sense) in these processes. We do this by bringing together contributions coming from a variety of disciplines, such as logic, philosophy of language and psychology. When speakers are engaged in a conversation, they refer to a supposed common ground: every participant ascribes to the others some knowledge, belief, opinion (...)
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  2. The Dynamic Nature of Meaning.Claudia Arrighi & Roberta Ferrario - 2005 - In Lorenzo Magnani & Riccardo Dossena (eds.), Computing, Philosophy and Cognition. College Publications. pp. 295-312.
    In this paper we investigate how the dynamic nature of words’ meanings plays a role in a philosophical theory of meaning. For ‘dynamic nature’ we intend the characteristic of being flexible, of changing according to many factors (speakers, contexts, and more). We consider meaning as something that gradually takes shape from the dynamic processes of communication. Accordingly, we present a draft of a theory of meaning that, on the one hand, describes how a private meaning is formed as a mental (...)
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  3. Logic and Pragmatism: Selected Essays by Giovanni Vailati.Claudia Arrighi, Paola Cantu, Mauro de Zan & Patrick Suppes - 2010 - Center for the Study of Language and Inf.
    _Logic and Pragmatism_ features a number of the key writings of Giovanni Vailati, the Italian mathematician and philosopher renowned for his work in mechanics, geometry, logic, and epistemology. The selections in this book—many of which are available here for the first time in English—focus on Vailati’s significant contributions to the field of pragmatism. Accompanying these pieces are introductory essays by the volume’s editors that outline the traits of Vailati’s pragmatism and provide insights into the scholar’s life.
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    Logic and Pragmatism.Claudia Arrighi, Paola Cantu, Mauro De Zan & Patrick Suppes - unknown
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  5. Suppes From Stimulus-Response to Brain Waves Analysis: A Tale on the White Knight of Behaviorism.Claudia Arrighi - 2006 - Epistemologia 29 (2):267-290.
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    Representation and Invariance of Scientific Structures. [REVIEW]Claudia Arrighi & Viola Schiaffonati - 2006 - Vienna Circle Institute Yearbook 12:231-236.