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    A holistic account of the own-race effect in face recognition: evidence from a cross-cultural study.James W. Tanaka, Markus Kiefer & Cindy M. Bukach - 2004 - Cognition 93 (1):B1-B9.
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    Individual Differences in Working Memory and the N2pc.Jane W. Couperus, Kirsten O. Lydic, Juniper E. Hollis, Jessica L. Roy, Amy R. Lowe, Cindy M. Bukach & Catherine L. Reed - 2021 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 15.
    The lateralized ERP N2pc component has been shown to be an effective marker of attentional object selection when elicited in a visual search task, specifically reflecting the selection of a target item among distractors. Moreover, when targets are known in advance, the visual search process is guided by representations of target features held in working memory at the time of search, thus guiding attention to objects with target-matching features. Previous studies have shown that manipulating working memory availability via concurrent tasks (...)
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    Using Collaborative Models to Overcome Obstacles to Undergraduate Publication in Cognitive Neuroscience.Cindy M. Bukach, Kendall Stewart, Jane W. Couperus & Catherine L. Reed - 2019 - Frontiers in Psychology 10.
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    Individuation experience predicts other-race effects in holistic processing for both Caucasian and Black participants.Cindy M. Bukach, Jasmine Cottle, JoAnna Ubiwa & Jessica Miller - 2012 - Cognition 123 (2):319-324.
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    Behavioral markers of expertise.Cindy M. Bukach, Isabel Gauthier & Michael J. Tarr - 2006 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 10 (4):159-166.
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