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Ciaran Cronin [10]Ciaran P. Cronin [2]Ciaran Patrick Cronin [1]
  1. Kant's Politics of Enlightenment.Ciaran Cronin - 2003 - Journal of the History of Philosophy 41 (1):51-80.
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    The Inclusion of the Other: Studies in Political Theory.Ciaran P. Cronin & Pablo De Greiff (eds.) - 1998 - MIT Press.
    edited by Ciaran Cronin and Pablo De Greiff Since its appearance in English translation in 1996, Jürgen Habermas's Between Facts and Norms has become the focus of a productive dialogue between German and Anglo-American legal and political theorists. The present volume contains ten essays that provide an overview of Habermas's political thought since the original appearance of Between Facts and Norms in 1992 and extend his model of deliberative democracy in novel ways to issues untreated in the earlier work.Habermas's theory (...)
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    Democracy and Collective Identity: In Defence of Constitutional Patriotism.Ciaran Cronin - 2003 - European Journal of Philosophy 11 (1):1–28.
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    Justification and Application: Remarks on Discourse Ethics.Ciaran P. Cronin (ed.) - 1994 - MIT Press.
    This collection of four essays and an interview contains Habermas's most recent contributions to ethical theory. It expands and clarifies the work on discourse ethics presented in Moral Consciousness and Communicative Action. Here, largely in response to criticisms from contemporary neo-Aristotelians, Habermas underscores the claim of discourse ethics to a preeminent position in contemporary moral philosophy with incisive analyses and refinements of the central concepts of his theory that include important developments in his treatment of practical reason and of the (...)
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    Global Justice and Transnational Politics: Essays on the Moral and Political Challenges of Globalization.Pablo De Greiff & Ciaran Cronin (eds.) - 2002 - MIT Press.
    Essays exploring the prospects for transnational democracy in a world of increasing globalization.
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  6. On the Possibility of a Democratic Constitutional Founding: Habermas and Michelman in Dialogue.Ciaran Cronin - 2006 - Ratio Juris 19 (3):343-369.
  7. Bourdieu and Foucault on Power and Modernity.Ciaran Cronin - 1996 - Philosophy and Social Criticism 22 (6):55-85.
    Foucault's theory of disciplinary power and Bourdieu's theory of symbolic power are among the most innovative attempts in recent social thought to come to terms with the increasingly elusive character of power in modern society. Both theories are based on cri tiques of subject-centered analyses of power and offer original accounts of modern social institutions. But Foucault's critique of the subject is so radical that it makes it impossible to identify any deter minate social location of the exercise of power (...)
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    Democracy and Collective Identity: In Defence of Constitutional Patriotism.Ciaran Cronin - 2003 - European Journal of Philosophy 11 (1):1-28.
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    Reason, History, and Politics: The Communitarian Grounds of Legitimation in the Modern Age.Ciaran Cronin - 1997 - Ethics 107 (2):366-368.
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    Epistemological Vigilance and the Project of a Sociology of Knowledge.Ciaran Cronin - 1997 - Social Epistemology 11 (2):203 – 215.
  11. Richard J. Bernstein, "The New Constellation". [REVIEW]Ciaran Cronin - 1994 - International Journal of Philosophical Studies 2 (2):343.
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