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  1. Prisoner's dilemma and public goods games in different geometries: Compulsory versus voluntary interactions.Christoph Hauert & György Szabó - 2003 - Complexity 8 (4):31-38.
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    Public Goods With Punishment and Abstaining in Finite and Infinite Populations.Christoph Hauert, Arne Traulsen, Hannelore De Silva née Brandt, Martin A. Nowak & Karl Sigmund - 2008 - Biological Theory 3 (2):114-122.
    The evolution and maintenance of cooperation in human and animal societies challenge various disciplines ranging from evolutionary biology to anthropology, social sciences, and economics. In social interactions, cooperators increase the welfare of the group at some cost to themselves whereas defectors attempt to free ride and neither provide benefits nor incur costs. The problem of cooperation becomes even more pronounced when increasing the number of interacting individuals. Punishment and voluntary participation have been identified as possible factors to support cooperation and (...)
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    Public goods with punishment and abstaining in finite and infinite populations.Christoph Hauert, Arne Traulsen, Hannelore Brandt, Martin A. Nowak & Karl Sigmund - 2008 - Biological Theory 3 (2):114.
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    Diversity of Cooperation in the Tragedy of the Commons.Timothy Killingback, Michael Doebeli & Christoph Hauert - 2010 - Biological Theory 5 (1):3-6.
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    A Framework on Polarization, Cognitive Inflexibility, and Rigid Cognitive Specialization.James Shyan-Tau Wu, Christoph Hauert, Claire Kremen & Jiaying Zhao - 2022 - Frontiers in Psychology 13.
    Polarization is pervasive in the current sociopolitical discourse. Polarization tends to increase cognitive inflexibility where people become less capable of updating their beliefs upon new information or switching between different ways of thinking. Cognitive inflexibility can in turn increase polarization. We propose that this positive feedback loop between polarization and cognitive inflexibility is a form of threat response that has benefited humans throughout their evolutionary history. This feedback loop, which can be driven by conflict mindset, group conformity, and simplification of (...)
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